Visual Stress and imbalance

Visual stress leads to eyestrain and a difficulty to concentrate, especially when reading.

Any small focussing error needs to be corrected so the child is more easily able to see the blur and then accelerate the neurological processing of the clearer image in each eye and then together we are able to refine the binocular (3D vision) system.

Our aim is to find the source of the visual stress and correct it so there is no longer a stress on the visual system and they can relax and read more easily and confidently.

Does your child sometimes learn a 4 letter word then 2 paragraphs down the page they don’t recognise it? Due to a visual imbalance the fluctuates sometimes the word does not appear the same despite being only a few paragraphs further away from the first word read.

This small misalingment of the eyes leads to the vision being crossed one letter off at the start so you can see the first and third letters but the second and forth are merged. The second time they see the second and forth letters. If that is all you have to work with you are not able to tell it is the same as the first word and you won’t easily be able to tell what the word is.