Precision Vision

If your occupation requires very precise vision and you want to ensure you are seeing the best you are able to then let the team at Eye5 help.  We have years of experience helping aviators, engineers, surgeons and elite sports people ensure their vision is as good as possible.

We have a special interest in looking after people with more exacting visual requirements or those who cannot afford a compromise in their vision.

Whilst good enough might be fine for the regular shopping centre glasses stores it is not good enough if you are a pilot or surgeon and need to see as clearly and comfortably as possible often for long periods.

Eye strain, headaches or just not seeing quite as clearly as you used to can be helped with a very accurate prescription measurement and ensuring the glasses as dispensed exactly to your requirements.

You don’t know how clearly and comfortably you could be seeing until we show you what is possible.

If you are someone who wants to be treated as an individual not just another customer and your eyes deserve the time and expertise of a professional then it is time to see us.