Astigmatism is where the eye doesn’t see a clear image commonly because the eye is more oval in shape rather than round.  This difference in shape of the eye causes things to appear starry or blurry particularly at night when looking at lights.

With astigmatism both distance and near vision can be blurred.

Many people have a small amount of astigmatism and it causes no problems with their daily life.  However when your astigmatism prescription is higher it can make it hard to read and see in the distance.

High levels of astigmatism can run in families and if one child is affected it is important to have all of your children screened.

How is Astigmatism measured?

Astigmatism is measured in a normal eye examination.  Sometimes we will use a special machine called a corneal topographer to measure the shape of the eye and to monitor for changes over time.

How is Astigmatism corrected?

Astigmatism can be corrected with spectacles and/or contact lenses.