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Dr Jean-Pierre Guillon

B.Sc.Optom, London, Ph.D. Optometrist

Jean-Pierre has a special interest in helping children with learning difficulties to see better. He also helps adults who have only recently been diagnosed with learning difficulties to improve their visual coordination and understand why they have had trouble for so many years. Jean-Pierre’s strong research background means that the solutions he offers are proven to work.

Processing visual cues requires both the best possible glasses or contact lenses, along with ensuring that the eyes work well together. If the eyes are not balanced, vision will be clear, but it won’t be comfortable and reading will be challenging. Jean-Pierre’s research has also demonstrated the importance of colour and how it can help reduce visual confusion and allow reading with less strain. While not all children will benefit from coloured lenses, we have the technology to find out if they can be helped.

Often we see people who have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty but are then on their own to work out what to do about it. Fortunately Jean-Pierre has studied the effect of colour and helping to rebalance vision.

As a founding director of Dyslexia Centre of Australia, Jean-Pierre wanted to help people receive more information and help than was previously available.

Dr Guillon worked for many years as a consultant optometrist at the Lions Eye Institute and a founding partner in a Eye5 Optometrists since 2004. He graduated from the City University, London in 1976 and qualified in 1977 after further training at Moorfields Eye Hospital. He was a research optometrist from 1978 to 1984 in the Contact Lens Department at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Further from 1980 to 1987 he was running a part time private practice and has acted as a clinical consultant to Hydron Europe. He completed his PhD thesis titled ‘The Tear Film of the Contact Lens Wearer’ at the City University in 1989.

Until May 1996 he was a director of Optometric Technology Group Limited where he carried out clinical research for the contact lens industry. He is the inventor of the KEELER Tearscope Plus®, a non invasive instrument for the clinical observation of the Pre Ocular and Pre Lens Tear Film and the measurement of tear film stability. This was launched in 1997, sold around the world and is recognised as the best commercially available instrument in its category which is still used in clinical research worldwide.

In the UK he created and was Research consultant at the Dry Eye Symptom Clinic of the Institute Of Optometry in London and carried out clinical research work for the contact lens and eye cosmetic industry at VISIONCARE Ltd.

Dr Guillon is a Founding Fellow of the British College of Optometrists and has lectured widely internationally. His main areas of interest are the study of the tear film and its interaction with contact lenses and the design of non invasive clinical instruments. He has extensive experience in contact lens practice and in running clinical trials. He now concentrates on developing an interactive CD-ROM for the clinical examination of the dry eye patient and contact lens wearer.

Andrew Godfrey

BAppSc(Optom)Hons. CertOcTher (UNSW), GAICD

A founding partner in Eye5 Optometrists since 2004, Andrew has a special interest in caring for patients with complicated eye conditions, particularly those with corneal conditions and cataracts. He has a keen interest in contact lens fitting for people who have Keratoconus or corneal grafts. He has introduced hybrid contact lenses to Western Australia to help people who find RGP or hard contact lenses uncomfortable. There are very few practitioners left who have a special interest in this area.

Andrew worked for many years at the Lions Eye Institute as a clinical optometrist. As the Institute grew he took over management of optometry staff across two hospitals along with management of the Lions Laser Vision Centre. Having seen the results of thousands of LASIK procedures and been involved in the development, installation and training of the latest in laser technology he is well placed to give advice on the full range of vision correction.

Along with Dr Jean-Pierre Guillon he has studied all aspects of contact lens wear and care for many years. He has even written a text book chapter on tears and contact lenses in Contact Lenses (5th Edition) Phillips and Speedwell see the link to Amazon here.

He has also worked as a consultant involved in ophthalmology research for a start up company based in Orange County, California. This company raised over 125 million dollars for ophthalmic research and product development. He has also travelled throughout the world teaching and certifying eye clinics.

Since graduation from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane in 2000 with a university medal, Andrew has continued his post graduate study receiving a Graduate certificate in ocular therapeutics in 2011 from the University of NSW. He is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Andrew was the deputy chairman of the national office of Optometrists Association Australia based in Melbourne and was the president of the Western Australian division for many years. After 10 years helping optometrists throughout Australia, he is now concentrating on helping people to see better in Perth.

Natalie Guillon

Bachelor of Vision Science/ Master of Optometry

Natalie Guillon moved to Geelong, Victoria, to study the Bachelor of Vision Science/Master of Optometry course at Deakin University. During her studies she undertook placement at the Australian College of Optometry (ACO) in Melbourne.

In addition to working at Eye5 Optometrists, she also works alongside a number of ophthalmologists at the Perth Lions Eye Institute, which compliments her optometry work at Eye5 by expanding her scope of skills, experience and knowledge. She is passionate about looking after her patients and their needs. She has a special interest in contact lenses, but is motivated to become accomplished in all areas relevant to optometry.

Aside from her work, she has a love for basketball, which she plays competitively for the Perry Lakes Hawks. She also enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures/lifestyles, which she hope to incorporate into her optometry career through overseas volunteer work.

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