Fun Ways to Help your Children Take Care of Their Eyes

It can often be difficult for children to fully understand the importance of taking care of their eyes. To combat this issue, we recommend explaining this in fun-filled ways that can really get them to be responsible for the protection of their eyes.

One way of explaining the importance of their eyes to them is by using simple poems and stories. For example, you can read books with your child about wearing glasses. This can help them to feel more comfortable about wearing glasses, and get them to understand why it is important. Some examples of children’s books include:

I See, You See, We ALL See! by Allison Joyce and Don McClain

Jack Wears a Contact Lens and Glasses … Just Like You! by Juliette Vignola

The Princess Who Wore Glasses by Laura Hertzfeld Katz

Fancy Nancy:  Spectacular Spectacles by Jane O’Connor

If glasses or contact lenses have been recommended for your children, encourage them by complimenting them on how they look in their glasses. Also let them know they should never wear other peoples’ glasses or contact lenses.

Furthermore, provide your children with a healthy diet of natural, colorful foods. Ensure they eat their vegetables and fruits which are good for their eyes such as carrots, broccoli, grapefruits etc.

When at school, advise them not to shoot rubber bands, or play with sticks or sharp objects. When at home, provide your children with age appropriate toys that can help them in their motor and eye-hand coordination. Toys like building blocks, puzzles, stringing beads and art tools like pencils, paint, crayons, finger paints etc.

When playing sport, explain why they often need to wear protective eyewear like eye guards, goggles, helmets and sports glasses.

We hope these tips assist in helping your children take care of their eyes. As always, if your child hasn’t had an eye test in a while, please feel free to contact our practice to arrange an eye test with the lovely Dr. Jean Pierre.

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