For your child to be able to read quickly and confidently they need to have clear and comfortable vision.  It is not enough to just see clearly.  We often see children who can see small print but they cannot sustain their focus for any length of time.  Not being able to concentrate when reading because it makes the eyes sore, causes headaches or just goes in and out of focus.

What vision problems affect reading?

Long-sightedness and astigmatism most commonly affect reading or close vision however short-sightedness of a medium degree also can affected reading performance.  Importantly any imbalance or difference between the two eyes can affect the speed and comfort when reading.

Focussing particularly the ability to sustain the focus of the eye up close for extended periods has a large effect on your ability to read comfortably and clearer for longer periods (more than 15 minutes)

How can we help?

We will measure both the distance and near prescription and check the balance between both eyes.  We also check to see how the eyes focus together and ensure that one is not working harder than the other.  Near focussing and the ability to sustain reading for extended periods is assessed along with the precise alignment of each eye.

Do glasses help?

Yes.  If your child has a vision problem that can be corrected with glasses they will find a large improvement with their reading vision.

Do eye exercises help?

Yes.  Eye exercises to improve reading performance can be of assistance but they don’t work for everyone.  Our optometrists will be able to advise whether they would be suitable.