Letter reversals

Letter reversals?

You may be having problems with reversing some letters or numbers.  It doesn’t happen all the time but it adds to the difficulties when reading or learning.

Letter reversals arise due to difficulties referencing the centre point of your vision.  Some patients with letter reversals may have difficulty telling left from right or had more trouble learning that when young.  What really matters is not right and left but your location in the world and from the centre to the outside. Especially for writing you need to understand where to start the letter and which direction to move.

If you have a small visual misalignment this is where the problems happen. This very slight crossing of the eyes leads to one eye perceiving the letter to be slightly to the left and the other slightly to the right.  That means when reading or writing they find it difficult to tell where the mid point of their vision is and then whether to go left or go right.  Sometimes the letter is perceived to the right of the centre of your world and sometimes to the left.

If this small misalingment was constant then you would adapt to it and learn to deal with it.  Often it tends to be occasional and fluctuates so you can’t adapt to it.

We can correct the small misalingment and this visual stability will allow you to learn and adapt.