Coloured Filters

Coloured filters have been used to reduce visual confusion when reading for many years since Helen Irlen described scotopic sensitivity syndrome. At Eye5 Optometrists we do not do “Irlen” testing but utilise a computerised colourimeter to obtain the coloured tint. From this testing we are able to determine if you can be helped with a coloured filter.

Commonly people describe the words on the page moving, shimmering or the page being very bright and the words hard to see.

How do I get tested?

We use a special instrument to measure the response to colour to see if there is a significant measureable improvement in visual stress when using a colour.

Does everyone need to wear coloured glasses?

No only a small percentage of patients respond to the colour testing and they are the only ones who would benefit from wearing coloured filters.  If we think you are borderline we will test that with a coloured overlay (coloured transparency film) that you can put over reading material to see if there is a significant improvement.

What sort of improvement should I expect?

If you are sensitive to colour then you will notice a large improvement in visual comfort and reading ability.

Does just any colour work?

No.  The colour we measure is quite specific and the lenses are tinted to match exactly.

How are we different?

Because we measure many different aspects of the visual system we don’t just rely on coloured filters to improve visual comfort.  Some people will just need ordinary glasses, others will require special 3D balanced glasses and a smaller group will need a coloured tint to acheive the most comfortable vision.  We can measure your entire visual system to ensure the right problem is corrected.

Does Eye5 Optometrists do “Irlen” testing?