Second Opinions – why aren’t my glasses working?

Are you having problems with your new glasses or contact lenses?

We specialise in second opinions when you aren’t sure if it is your eyes or the glasses/contact lenses that are causing problems.

It can be a very disturbing time when you get your new glasses and things don’t seem right.  Most people when they pickup their spectacles should find them instantly clearly and better than what they have been wearing before.  If you have a large prescription particularly with astigmatism (cylinder) or if there has been a big change in your prescription or the addition of prism to your lenses then they may take at least 10 days to get used to.

We specialise in seeing people who have had eye surgery and sometimes those glasses can be very strong and can take up to 6 weeks to fully settle.

There is no point putting up with glasses that aren’t working well for you.  80% of your world is visual and it is important to see clearly and comfortably.

Don’t waste years of your life putting up with poor vision, make a time to see Andrew or Jean-Pierre for an eye test.

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