White ring in Synergeyes Hybrid Contact lenses, Ultrahealth and Duette

Why can I see a white ring in my hybrid contact lenses

At about the 4-5 month mark of wearing your Synergeyes ultrahealth or duette hybrid contact lenses you may notice a white ring start to form at the junction of the hard central portion of the lens and the soft outer skirt.

This represents a build up of calcium within the lens and is commonly caused by your tear chemistry and use of the hydrogen peroxide based cleaners like AOSEPT.

This represents a cosmetic issue only as it does not affect the vision or comfort of the lens.  The calcium is built up within the material itself so it is not on the surface.

How do I fix this white ring?

Replace the lenses

Synergeyes recommends replacement of the hybrid lenses at the 6 month mark and we are now able to offer a special 2 pack price which represents a 30% discount from the price of buying each pair separately (lenses must be ordered together to obtain the discount but can be supplied after the 1 month follow up visit).

Change your cleaning solution (next time)

If you have noticed this occur it may be best to shift to a non hydrogen peroxide based cleaning solution such as Bausch and Lomb BioTrue.  However this won’t get rid of a white ring already in the lens it may just reduce its occurence next time.

Biotrue Bottle


More information?

For more information from the manufacturer please see Synergeyes website


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