Problems with hard contact lenses?

Are you finding that your new hard contact lenses aren’t fitting as well as your old ones?

Most patients who see us have a favourite pair of hard contact lenses or glasses that they remember with affection.  Some are lucky to still be wearing their favourite pair of lenses.  For others their most comfortable pair of lenses was from many years ago.

Like anything you wear over time you become more comfortable with the way the lens is fitting.  Just like a comfortable pair of cloths you wear around the house your contact lenses over time become more comfortable in shape.

The constant blinking of the eyelids over times moulds the shape of the lens to better fit your eyes (if it was a well fitted lens to start with).  Just like a comfortable pair of slippers after some wearing in the lenses become more comfortable on your eyes.

The fitting of hard contact lenses has gone out of fashion in Australia mainly because of the difficulties involved in training optometrists to fit the lenses properly.  Without a lot of experience in the area your optometrist will take a long time and lots of changes to get to an adequate lens fitting.  There are only a handful of optometrists in Perth who specialise in this area and we have invested in the latest technology to make the process as easy as possible for you and for us.

Our technology takes a 3D map of your cornea (clear part at the front of your eye) and can design a contact lens to match the shape of your eye and float in your tears.  The edge of a contact lens is supposed to fit like the front of a ski so the lens moves smoothly on your eye.  We don’t just rely on the computer however we need to try a custom lens in your eye to ensure that the lens fits appropriately and that you can see clearly with it.

Before we order the lens we make sure that both the fitting and power of the lens is suited to your eyes, that is something that a computer can’t tell us just yet.

The lenses are fitting down to the last micron making sure that they rest comfortably on the eye and move smoothly.

If you have been having trouble with your new lenses or would like to get a new pair that feel as comfortable as you have ever experienced book in to see Andrew Godfrey today or contact us for more information.

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