Katt or ICD scleral contact lens

The Katt or ICD scleral contact lens has been designed to vault over the entire cornea and rest on the white of your eye.  What that means is the lens does not impact on the cornea which is the most sensitive part of the eye and instead rests out on the white of your eye.  We aim to have at least 300 microns of distance which is filled in by tears or moisturising drops between the contact lens and your cornea.

Because there is this distance between the back surface of the lens and your eye the lens is more adaptable if the shape of your cornea changes during the day or over time.  In fact if you take care of the lenses well and your eyes don’t change too significantly the lens can last for 2 years or more.

Whilst the upfront cost of the lens is higher than a small diameter RGP (hard) lens or even a hybrid contact lens because of the way it is fitted it can last much longer meaning the cost is almost equivalent over time.  The ability of the lens to rest gently on your eye and reduce some of the problems associated with contact lens wear mean it is an even better option.

For more information about the ICD lens design see ICD lens website.

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