Cost of custom contact lenses

I keep getting asked what makes our practice different and why people travel so far to see us.

When we fit people with custom contact lenses, we bring together years of experience and the latest technology.

We have invested heavily in the latest technology to measure eyes more thoroughly than anyone else.

Our investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars allows us to obtain a better contact lens fitting and reduce the number of visits required to obtain it.

Because of the large investment we need to charge a fee for our services.  The lenses are not cheap but the price of clear and comfortable vision we think is priceless.

For some people we understand that price is a motivating factor and if so, there are many local chain stores in the shopping centres who can attempt to fit your eyes. That may entail many more visits and the end result may not be as good as what we could provide.  You are choosing to exchange your time for perhaps a lower price for a poorer fit or reduced visual result.

If you have been through that process and found it to be a false economy and understand you get what you pay for, then we can help. Our practice is growing quickly with word of mouth referrals for exactly this reason.



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