The Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses (Over Glasses)

If you’ve been contemplating replacing your glasses with contact lenses, then this article is for you. We understand the idea of wearing contacts can be daunting for some, so we have created a list of reasons as to why we love wearing contact lenses over glasses!

  • Unlike glasses, contacts are natural, they let people see your eyes. No more frames or thick lenses getting in the way.

  • You can wear your contacts in any weather. Unlike glasses, they won’t collect precipitation, fog up or cause blurred vision for you.

  • Pilots, sports people, drivers, surgeons and other professionals who need to see as much around them as possible, can safely use contact lenses. Glasses can obstruct side vision, posing as a challenge to these professionals.

  • Glasses can be restrictive, and often get in the way of your everyday activities. Wearing contacts allows you to do the things you love without the restrictions. You can easily play sport, exercise, swim, go out with friends, drive and do so much more when you wear contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses are worn right on the eye, so they give you more natural, crisp vision.

  • No weight is felt on your face while using your contacts. When you wear your glasses for long periods of time, you can sometimes have uncomfortable weight on your face and behind your ears.

  • There is no risk of breakages when wearing contacts, because unlike glasses, they won’t slip or fall off your face.

  • When you wear contacts, you have the freedom to wear any pair of sunglasses you want. Often, the choices and ranges for prescription sunglasses are limiting, which can very frustrating for some.

If you’re considering switching from glasses to contacts, then we suggest booking an appointment with our lovely optometrist, Andrew Godfrey. When it comes to fitting custom contact lenses, Andrew is your go-to guy. He introduced hybrid contact lenses to Western Australia to help people who find hard contact lenses uncomfortable. There are very few practitioners left who specialise in this area. Call us today to book your appointment!

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