Eye test – when is the right time for my child?

Studies show approximately 1 in every 4 children have an undetected vision problem. To ensure your child has healthy vision, it is imperative they have regular eye tests.

When should my child have their first eye test?

It is recommended that your child has their first eye test at 6 months of age, their second at the age of 3, and again before starting school. As they get older, some problems can become harder to fix, that’s why it’s important to monitor your child’s vision regularly to ensure any vision problems can be corrected immediately.

What to expect?

During their eye test, your child will have the following things examined:

  • A thorough eye health examination of the front and back of their eyes
  • Distance vision
  • Reading vision
  • Binocular vision or how both eyes work together
  • 3D vision or stereopsis
  • Eye movements
  • Focussing ability

Some children are more at risk of eye problems than others. If you child has the following then it is important to book an eye test as soon as possible:

  • Born prematurely
  • Delayed motor or sensory development
  • Excessive blinking or eye rubbing
  • Not keeping eye contact
  • Inability to track moving objects
  • Inability to keep their eyes still if required

It is also important to know of any family history of eye problems, such as wearing glasses, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (turned eye) or eye disease.

When was the last time your child had an eye test? If you can’t remember, we recommend contacting us today to make an appointment.

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